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Welcome to Faceyoga Germany

Hi, my name is Nadine-Vivian Campbell, I am a dance teacher, certified weight loss coach and face yogi.

Through I wish to help women achieve a healthier, more youthful appearance through a holistic approach.


I am convinced that I can help women to achieve greater self-confidence with this natural method which has positive impacts on all areas of life.

How does it work?

Specific movements of the body and facial muscles are combined and movement inhibitions and tensions that lead to teeth grinding, migraines and tinnitus, among other things, are reduced.

A new awareness of one's own facial expressions is developed, blood circulation and relaxation of the entire body are promoted and muscular symmetry is restored.

Officially certified by FaceyogaMethod. 

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At the moment all of my live courses are held in German.

I currently offer 1:1 sessions in English and German language.

1:1 basic package 


Achieve a firmer, more defined, younger-looking appearance in just 3 sessions through individual training.

Price: 550€

Send me an email in order to book your session!

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